We are always seeking new collaborators and collective members. If you would like to get involved as an artist, activist, organizer, performer, volunteer or in any other capacity we would love to hear from you! This extends to anticapitalist art spaces, collectives, and organizations interested in intentional arts engagement.

if you are submitting a proposal as a creative please include some useful combination of the following in an email to

  • short bio - less than 100 words on who you are
  • how do your values align with our intent as a collective? (see about)
  • what is your location and where are you interested in exhibiting or performing?

  • if you have collaborators please include information about them.
  • is there a specific person or organization you would like to raise funds for?
  • do you recquire assistance in production of the work? if so please name those needs. Please note that we prioritize project funds going to artists who have been effected by incarceration, immigration policy, being unhoused etc.

  • proposal text - if there is writing associated with your work, or you feel further explanation of your practice or goals is neccesary please include it!
  • images of your work/a link to your website if you have those things

We are also seeking long term collective members to fill these roles

-- accountant 

-- social media manager 

if you are interested in either role please 
DM @uptownlaundryyy