Uptown Laundry seeks to harness and make use of the existing paradigm that consuming and exhibiting art made by marginalized individuals ‘liberates’ wealthy white people and their institutions from the personal and social responsibility of actively subverting their privilege and redistributing their wealth. Founded in New Orleans, the project raises funds for radical organizations, mutual aid and direct action, as well as art production for marginalized artists whose practice is anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist.

Often when we see art that challenges the status quo being celebrated it has been co-opted, de-politicized and turned into a commodity for the wealthy. We wish to facilitate effective wealth redistribution through a series of exhibitions and programming that directly address the violence and exploitation that permeate the capitalist art world and society.

Art and creativity have always been vital for radical movements. Artists interpret politics and revolution and offer alternative ways of seeing the world through music, poetry, writing, teach-ins, murals and graffiti, film and video, performances, and collaborative creative production. Art has the power to communicate in specific ways that raise consciousness, spark positive change, and hold oppressors accountable.

Our aim is to facilitate reparations and redirect resources to radical communities and individuals whose creativity and dedication to revolution inspire better futures. We have an established gallery space in the Central Business District of New Orleans provided by people with generational wealth for exhibitions, programming, and resource distribution. In addition we have had and are pursuing further exhibitions and events in NYC, Detroit, Denver, St Louis and Los Angeles.